BLM scoping comments on coastal plain leasing

  The scoping period for leasing the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge ends on Tuesday, June 19. These are my comments, submitted today, to   To whom it may concern: Thank you for the opportunity to comment during the scoping period on leasing in the coastal plain of the Arctic National [...]

Haiku for 2016

Semi-political, semi-personal, free associative and unrevised, following the 5-7-5 rule even though I KNOW THAT'S NOT A TRANSLATABLE THING so I don't need to talk about it because I get it, really, I do. Now show me yours. 2016 by the Month 1. First deaths of the year drew a spine through the mountains, north [...]

Guest Blogging for 49 Writers

In March 2016, I had the opportunity to blog for Alaska's nonprofit writers' community organization, 49 Writers. My entries are linked below. March 2: Travel, Memory, and Craft Notes  March 9: The World of Words and Things March 16: Some Thoughts on "Truth" March 23: Why I'm Not Ashamed to Love the Internet March 30: [...]